Friday, April 3, 2009

Vegas!! And beyond...

Our anniversary was on the 21st of March. Eric and I have been married for 6 years now! Wow! Time flies! We wanted to spend a night alone, away from the kids and stresses of life, but didn't happen. I worked hard to wean Samara so that we could, but even though she is completely weaned for a month now, my mom and sister didn't want to have to deal with her mommy attatchement. So instead, we made it a family excursion. Which, while not less stressful, was still a lot of fun! We went to Vegas and spent the night in "the princess castle", otherwise known as Excalibur. Our little girls thought that they were the luckiest little girls in the world because they got to sleep in their very own castle! We did a lot of fun stuff while we were there. It kept us busy, we were constantly running from one thing to another. And the best was all free! That's what we love about Vegas! There are so many shows, and displays, and fun things to look at, that cost absolutely nothing! We watched the Bellagio water fountain show, the Mirage volcano (which freaked out our girls. I think they thought the fire was going to burn them...)the Freemont light experience, the lions at MGM grand, and checked out the M&M name a few. Sami loves lions and tigers. She has never actually seen one, but I frequently wear t-shirts from Hurricane High that have Tigers on them and she grins, points to it and says "Rawr!" So I was SO excited to take her to the Lion habitat. And boy was it great! This experience just made my trip. We got there a little early, so we just waited by the big glass cage for the lions to appear. At first, she didn't know what we were doing. Then she started hearing the lion roars that were coming from the speakers overhead, so she kept looking up in the trees in the habitat, bouncing up and down and saying rawr. She was starting to figure it out. But boy...when those lions came out...she was literally trying to climb into the glass cage with them!! And when that didn't work, she had to get as close as she could. The whole time she was giggling and rawring and jabbering away. We chased those lions all over that habitat. One jumped down on the plexiglass overhead and to this day, when we say something about the lion she jabbers away, looks up and points, which is her way of telling people that she had a lion jump on her head! It is SO cute. Nessie is entertained by everything and nothing...depending on the day, and the time. She was pretty happy go lucky in Vegas. She seemed to be entertained by what ever we were doing. She likes to be right in the heart of the mess, and boy was she ever at home in a crazy place like Vegas! Kiya begged us from the beginning to go to the M&M factory. She and Nessie have been to Vegas before, but Kiya is the only one big enough to remember. Ness was too little and Sam was inside! She remembered the M&M place, and so we went there for her. We went through all four floors and got pictures next to the M&M race car, the giant M&M's and the M&M Vegas postcard thing, just like last time. We also let her choose something to buy to remind her of the occasion. So she got a cool pen. All in all, the trip was great fun, very tiring, and fairly painful for me (but isn't everything?) but it was very memorable and I am very glad we did it! I love my husband very much and we tired the kids out enought that we even had some alone time on our anniversary trip! I can't wait for the many more years to come that we have to celebrate our love together!

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