Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and the lovely hurricane that followed..

Easter was great! We celebrated on Saturday morning with my parents, and then Eric's parents were down, so we celebrated with them the rest of Saturday and half of Sunday. The girls thought that was the coolest thing in the world! The Easter Bunny came twice, and they got to color eggs twice! But I did feel kind of bad because this last week before my in-laws came to stay with us, I tried to get stuff clean, and just struggled because of the pain from the cysts. (Which I am still struggling with.) I was especially embarassed, and completely sick right now, because we have 4 dogs living in the house, and only 1 is completely house broken. The other adult should be but is kind of a stinker because he likes to mark his territory. But we weren't doing too bad until the puppies came along. Now they are 12 weeks old and I am having harder time selling them than I thought. And in the mean time, I am also struggling to house train them because I have been so BUSY! I have been using any free time I have to do tax and ebay stuff for my dad and ant food for my uncle. That's on top of taking care of three kids, being in and out of the emergency room, and everything else! Needless to say, my house does not smell the greatest. So I tried cleaning the carpets before they came, because we have a Bissell cleaner, and it still smells horrendous!! I am so embarrassed that I for sure would not allow anyone that wasn't family in my house right now! I feel like a complete failure as a home maker! Hopefully we will be getting rid of the little dogs, and now that tax season is over, I SHOULD be little bit less busy, but...who knows. I still have several things that have come up, like the fact that my baby has like...four or five cavities!! Talk about feeling like a failure again! Poor thing! She is only a year and a half. So now I have to figure out what our insurance covers, because we haven't used it too much this year, and see if I can get her (and the five year old...I knew she had cavities.) into a pediatric dentist. My kids aren't so good at the dentist. I also am finding out that I may have some more serious issues with infertility. So now I have to decide how much I really feel I am supposeed to have another. I have to either go in for blood tests, and possibly more extensive infertility treatments, since all the Clomid did was give me cysts, or I need to have everything removed. Problem is, I don't know with the kids dental work and the fact that in the last 4 months I have had 3 emergency room trips, whether we would have money to do anything with my condition. But if not, the only thing I can do is sit around and hope I can find a doctor that will work with me and give me pain meds (not promising) or end up in the ER more often. Not to mention the main problem everyone has with the pain meds anyway...they don't want me hooked. Ugh! What do you do when every choice, is not actually a choice? Or at least not a very realistic one? Now that I have digressed...I am desperate friends!! My house smell makes me want to run away and never come home! I don't even feel like my house is fit to live in right now! Does anyone have ANY ideas on how to get the smell out?? I have tried cleaning the carpets with a mixture of the Bissell pet odor removal solution, color safe bleach, and oxyclean. I thought for sure that would do it! It was better, but not great. And not for very long. The smell came back! I am thinking I am going to have to break down and get it done professionally. One more thing that HAS to be done with non existent money....am I the only one with problems that can't be solved! P.S. This post was meant to be happy. I wanted it to be happy. And things really are going okay. I just have a lot to think about and alot to do that seems kinda impossiblish right now. But I love my life, I love my family, and I am truly grateful for everything I am blessed with!! Just wanted everyone to know that I don't mean to be so negative. I just put down what is in my head because it helps me think. But then it tends to sound whiny. :) But see...I am still smiliing... this big!! :) :) :)

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shillibeans said...

I love you and hope the carpet is doing better by now. Would you be okay with me adding your blog to my list on our blog? I thought I had it, but I don't know what happened. Anyway, hang in there. I am sending prayers your direction.