Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sometimes I wonder about me...

I felt very proud of myself today. I got up, (a rare occurance) got dressed in real clothes (and even more rare occurance) and went to Costco and WalMart with all three girls in tow (This is a non occurance). Which makes me wonder what this says about me. I mean..seriously now. I see people with 3 and 4 kids at the store by themselves all the time! Some of them are even male! (It's elusive I know, but sometimes you spot them. I think they are nearly extinct. My husband is one of them. I don't know why. Maybe to prove he is as good or better than me...anyway..) But for me, this is a major accomplishment. Of course, that was all I did the ENTIRE day. least I did something...right? I had to come back home and put myself in a drug induced stupor for the next 6 hours. I just love it. If you have ever had your appendix rupture, I have to say...I feel for you. On a regular basis. Like..everyday. Well, I just had to pat myself on the back for that one. Now as for something cute for the day, I am sure there were many things but since I have the memory of Ten Second Larry, the cutest thing I can remember today was when I put in one of my little girls' favorite movies; Alice in Wonderland. (It actually started out as mommy's favorite, and since it was the only one she would let her cute little girls watch a thousand times a day, it became EVERYONE's favorite...except daddy, of course. He can't stand it!) Well, I put in Alice, and as it was running through the opening song and credits, my littlest, Sami, who is only 18 months ( which I am pretty sure I have stated like..I don't know..5 times since I started this blog) started singing gibberish to the song...but on tune!! I am a very proud mama because, anyone who knows my family, knows we are well known for our singing abilities. (My husband...well...let's just say he isn't. But I love him!!) People are always teasing that you have to audition to get in our family. (Which, my husband, case in point, obviously didn't. Still love you honey!!) And my girls, I am very proud to say, are all exceptional in that area so far. All of them, since they were little could sing fairly on tune, even if they don't know the words. So I thought that was very cute. Now I am going to take a few seconds and tell everyone that I have come to realize, (even more than before) what a big mouth I have and how much it gets me in trouble. I wrote a list on Facebook of 25 random things about me, and have been having very uncomfortable, red-in-the-face conversations with people since. Apparently not adding names to some of the suspicious deeds that transpired in my youth, (like when I was in college. I was a little wild then.) have stirred up some pretty interesting conversations. So if any of those misdeeds sound familiar to you, or you may have been a cohort (except for the obvious one in which my brother Nathan was obviously the trespasser, in which case I will shout his misdeed from the rooftops. Stinkin hair cutter!!! You didn't even take classes!) or you think that you know someone that knew someone that heard about something. Stop! It wasn't you! Or them! might be! But that's for me to know, and you to......not. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Wild!

So I don't know how well I will do with this whole blog you can see I have had this page for several months and there are only a few entries and I just barely did enough research to find a cute background and figure out how to put in on. But I have already, in a few short days, found many friends with blogs, and I have started to go a little blog wild!! My next step will be to see what pictures I can get put on this page. I spend most of my computer time on Facebook and have my pictures and things there, but I have found some blogging friends who are not on Facebook, so I will try to get pictures of my wonderful little princesses on here for you! This is in some ways like a journal on line so I am worried about how well I will do with it, because I KNOW how well I do with journals. But we will see. I have noticed how much everyone writes little things about their kids, what cute things they do and say, and about their personalities. I need to do more of that. A lot of what I have done so far is to rant about my extremely frustrating medical problems because, at the end of the day, that is what is foremost on my mind. Mainly because that is when the pain is the worst, but also because the girls are usually asleep so I don't need to think about them as much. It's me time! But I will try and do more of that because my girls are really cute and do many silly, unforgettable things. Like right now, as Kiya, who will be five next month (Kindergarten this year...yikes! I feel old) and Nessa, who is now 3 1/2 are looking at a "map" (a piece of lined paper on which they have written a bunch of swirls with an X in the midst) talking about being a team and searching for treasure by finding the X. Kiya is telling Nessa to quit sitting there, cuz teams don't just sit there and do nothing and they are a team! And my favorite right now is watching the girls with our nearly 2 week old pomeranian puppies. Sami (who will be 18 months in Feb.) calls them her "babies". They love to hold them and kiss them and rock them. Those little puppies are beyond loved! If we can find the right cords I will download those pictures. Well, I could write forever and I have tons I would love to discuss (with myself!) but I will save it for another day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Surgery update

First of all, for those of you following this, sorry it took me so long to let everyone know how the surgery went. Hope you didn't think I died! :) The surgery went well, but the road to recovery has been long and tedious...and it's not over yet! I haven't been able to sit down for very long for about 4 weeks now. I haven't been able to attend church, drive, or many other things that are normally taken for granted. I still have an open wound, but it is closing up pretty good now. All of the muscles that attatch to the tail bone had to be cut when it was removed, so needless to say, it is pretty sore. But they are starting to heal and not ache quite so bad. I stayed with my parents for about 3 or 4 days after the surgery, at which time they kicked me out and I have been on my own, trying to take care of my kids and house while dealing with the pain. It's been kinda hard, but like I said, I am pretty well on the mend and things are getting back to normal. And by back to normal, I mean the varicose vein in my side is hurting so bad that every day it feels like something inside me is exploding! Ahhh..the fun of my life! I just gotta address that problem. Now it's time to decide how strongly I feel, or how badly I want to have another baby. I need to weigh whether I can take on the pain for the amount of time it takes to get pregnant again and still function to take care of my children. I have 3 girls that need me so if I can't deal with the pain, then the only option I have left is to have the next surgery so that I can get on with my life and take care of my little ones. This is the hardest decision I have EVER had to make because if I had my choice, I would be healthy and pain free and continue to have as many kids as I possibly could. But it looks like my choices are limited to maybe one more. I have spent many nights crying and praying and many other things lately, and still, the decision isn't made yet. So I guess I will continue to cry, pray, and waiver....for now.