Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ah...the good ol' days

I love my little girls. With every ounce of my being. But today...we got a taste of the good ol' days. I think everyone needs this every once in a while. My hubby and I were sick, I have some pain problems from a disease called endometriosis which is sometimes disabling, and my hubby has migraines and plain old bad headaches. Well today, I was having pain problems, as well as fighting my cold, and so he was going to take the girls to church. At least that was the plan. There always seems to be a wrench thrown in the works somewhere. He woke up with a bad headache. Our girls love to go to church. We are mormons, and the girls really enjoy their classes; nursery and primary. So my mom and sister picked them up and took them to go to church in Hurricane. That gave me and my hubby (And the littlest, Samara who is also fighting a cold) a chance for some much needed rest. I was able to lounge in pjs, take a long afternoon nap and generally just be lazy. It is simply amazing how much you think your life changes when you have your first baby. Everything is so busy. Then you have two and you think; wow, I had so much time on my hands! Then comes number three and you can't believe how good you had it when you only had two!! That is when you think of how your mom had six and how she MUST have been absolutely nutters! I also look back and think....Holy Cow!! What was it like when I had none?
P.S. Like I mentioned at the beginning, I totally love my girls. I wouldn't give them up for anything. I am not wishing for the old days back, but just reminding myself why it is always good to live in the moment. Like my mother, I am completely nutters; I am thinking about a fourth one already! (My girls in order of birth are: Kiya Shelly Wall, age 4; Nessalynn Aurora Wall, age 3; and Samara Leilani Wall, age one. Any my wonderful husband is Eric David Wall. Just a short intro!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pass it on..

Today I spent as much of my energy as I could doing absolutely nothing. You might think this is easy...but with a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a one year old, that is certainly not the truth. I have caught a cold, and with that comes the dreaded game of (drum roll please), you guessed it: Pass it on!!! With three little girls that loathe sharing most of the time, it is so frustrating to finally see them sharing the gift that keeps on giving. Namely, germs. share your cup, your sucker and a cute little kiss when mommy is trying to keep everyone apart so that we don't go round and round on the merry-go-round of sickness...but when I ask you to share nicely any other day, we have a tantrum! So, needless to say we are all sleeping our silent sleep of drugged up bliss, the humidifier humming, and the lovely aroma of Vick's in the air.
Today my husband Eric started a new job. He is going to be selling diamonds at Morgan Jeweler's. Which I think is FANTASTIC! Looking forward to that employee discount! Okay...seriously can't say that without snickering because, as much as I love shiny stuff like any other girl or raccoon I just don't understand what the big deal about diamonds is. Of course, maybe that is just because diamonds don't shine as much when they are covered with mac and cheese sauce, baby spit up, baby lotion, or anything else your imagination can come up with, but that is how I feel. It is way too much money to spend on something that will most likely(if you are me) end up lost or broken. But good luck, and congrats to my hubby!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Average day with the Walls...

We roll out of bed at around eight o'clock with crazy hair and soggy diapers. I would love at this point to tell you that we happily get some yummy, healthy, home made breakfast, then get ourselves beautifully outfitted and get our hair brushed, teeth bushed and faces scrubbed until the 4 of us were beautiful shining princesses. Then of course we would have a quiet, lovely day filled with some book reading, learning, healthy home cooked meals, and refined and girly like activities. But I am not writing a novel, just a day at our house. average day with us is filled with all-day pajama parties, easy-mac and pb&j, hair that used to be in cute ponytails but is now in complete disarray, and mess, mess, mess. Not to mention the yelling, screaming, teasing, hair pulling, pushing, mess-making and general chaos that is life with three little girls. Talk about drama, drama, drama. My girls were meant for the stage! Maybe one day we will see their names in lights on broadway, but for now, we just have to distinguish between who really started the fight, when someone is actually hurt or just using their crocodile tears to get the other in trouble, or which one unrolled the toilet paper and crushed crackers into the juice they spilled on the floor. I love being a mommy!!!