Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I don't know how many people have had completely idyopathic(meaning the doctors have no stinkin clue what is going on with you) health problems but if you have ever had one, you begin to wonder if you aren't just completely nutters in the head. Then there's me...I have several. Let me tell you, that will you a complex...which will probably also be unexplainable by your psychiatrist. Well, a lot of people know I have endometriosis because I have had it for several years. In February when I had a surgery to remove the tissues, they couldn't find any. This is the second surgery that they couldn't find anything. So finally they decided it was idyopathic pelvic pain. Which makes me feel like an "idyot". I mean...the endo was bad enough because the doctors don't know exactly what causes it, how to cure it, or even most times how to treat it. But now they don't even think it is the endo. So then I went to a pelvic pain specialist who found a varicose vein on my uterus the size of a tennis ball. So...maybe not so idyopathic. But who knows. We removed the endo and I still had pain, which they chalked up to cysts that I get periodically. And by periodically I mean...alot! Then they find the huge vein. Then shortly after that I find out that it isn't normal to not have a period for over 2 years, or 16 months after having a baby...and that was after repeatedly being told it was normal for several months. And during all of this...for the past year, I suddenly developed tailbone pain. It was 3 or 4 months after my baby was born, so the doc ruled out trauma from the birth. I hadn't fallen down. He did x-rays, an MRI and cortisone shots. It wasn't broken, there weren't any cysts or tumors, and the cortisone that was supposed to work for several months only worked for several weeks.
Now, you are probably all wondering why this long tirade on all of my many retarded health problems and here it is:
On the 29th of December I am having surgery to have my tailbone removed. Yes! They are actually removing my tailbone. They also want to remove my uterus and ovaries. I keep thinking...why stop there. You can live without your gallbladder, a kidney, part of your liver, your appendix....hey...maybe we could try a lobe of my lungs, or a chamber of my heart! Yes, I am abusing sarcasm and rolling my eyes as I write this. But I guess I am up for just about anything if it will ease some of my pain. But my doctor has told me I will not be able to pick my kids up for at least a month, and it may take a year or longer to feel better, if it works at all. So, if anyone would like to offer help, I am very willing to accept at this point!
Thanks for listening to my ramblings about doctors and their crazy ideas, and cross your fingers, toes, eyes or whatever you can spare that things go well, and this works. Or maybe praying is a better option! :) Wish me luck! :) And anyone who would like to visit after my surgery feel free also. I am sure I am going to be bored and going crazy!