Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Wild!

So I don't know how well I will do with this whole blog thing...as you can see I have had this page for several months and there are only a few entries and I just barely did enough research to find a cute background and figure out how to put in on. But I have already, in a few short days, found many friends with blogs, and I have started to go a little blog wild!! My next step will be to see what pictures I can get put on this page. I spend most of my computer time on Facebook and have my pictures and things there, but I have found some blogging friends who are not on Facebook, so I will try to get pictures of my wonderful little princesses on here for you! This is in some ways like a journal on line so I am worried about how well I will do with it, because I KNOW how well I do with journals. But we will see. I have noticed how much everyone writes little things about their kids, what cute things they do and say, and about their personalities. I need to do more of that. A lot of what I have done so far is to rant about my extremely frustrating medical problems because, at the end of the day, that is what is foremost on my mind. Mainly because that is when the pain is the worst, but also because the girls are usually asleep so I don't need to think about them as much. It's me time! But I will try and do more of that because my girls are really cute and do many silly, unforgettable things. Like right now, as Kiya, who will be five next month (Kindergarten this year...yikes! I feel old) and Nessa, who is now 3 1/2 are looking at a "map" (a piece of lined paper on which they have written a bunch of swirls with an X in the midst) talking about being a team and searching for treasure by finding the X. Kiya is telling Nessa to quit sitting there, cuz teams don't just sit there and do nothing and they are a team! And my favorite right now is watching the girls with our nearly 2 week old pomeranian puppies. Sami (who will be 18 months in Feb.) calls them her "babies". They love to hold them and kiss them and rock them. Those little puppies are beyond loved! If we can find the right cords I will download those pictures. Well, I could write forever and I have tons I would love to discuss (with myself!) but I will save it for another day.


smyley said...

thats the joy of a blog is there is no right or wrong way to do it, i have enjoyed reading about the good and bad its nice to see how much alike we really are

The Colvins said...

I'll look forward to seeing the pics you post of your little girls! BTW--I met Laura from the other married student ward and became friends!