Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wonderful husband

As you can tell from my last blog, things have not been the easiest lately. I went to a special pelvic pain specialist who ran tests and found a very large varicose vein on the right side of my uterus which we believe is creating a lot of the pain. He gave me the options of going on a drug that would temporarily put my body into menopause, and shrink the vein (hopefully) or having another baby. If we decide to have the medicine, we would not be able to try for another baby for at least a year and from the research I have done on the medicine, the side effects of the med is not pleasant and sometimes unpredictable as far as affecting later fertility. This is an extremely hard decision for me. It is something that I waver on every day. But the pain has been pretty bad every since the tests(I really don't think my body appreciated the dye injected into it during the tests). The doctor says he gives us his blessing to try and have another baby and says I may even get relief from the pain although that makes no sense to me. So...needless to say, things at the Wall house have been a little down in the dumps because as every one knows, if mommma isn't happy ain't no one happy. Well, today, my wonderful husband gave me a very nice suprise. He called my sister and asked her to take the kids for a few hours, and then pampered me and got me a relaxing massage. He said he knew I needed a break and boy was it great! It was very nice to have someone think of me and my needs. As most moms know, that is not something that happens often. And though you may think with my problems that people are very attentive to my is just the opposite. People just get tired of hearing about how horrible you feel and how much pain you are in and basically could care less if you died. Sounds harsh...but it's true. So thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful husbands out there who think about their wives. My hubby is the best!!!

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Melissa - I miss you! I'm so sorry to read that things haven't been the best. I hope we can keep in touch better this way. check us out at